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Software for medical clinics

Cloud management software for medical clinics. Improve the management of your health center.

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Streamline the management of your health clinic

Not only will you be able to control the billing and accounting of your medical clinic, since this software has specific modules for managing patients and medical records.

Offer a better service to your patients

Make consultations by video call, allow you to make an appointment online, generate electronic medical prescriptions and increase patient satisfaction.

Run medical marketing campaigns

With Nubimed you can carry out marketing campaigns, focused on patients who have specific needs, effectively monitoring their needs.

  • Includes clinical history

Improve patient management

Create, consult and manage the medical history of each patient. It issues private electronic prescriptions according to the diagnoses and treatments prescribed by the medical professional.

Make specific budgets according to the catalog of treatments of your medical clinic. It offers the possibility of managing payment through mutuals.

Manages the patient’s file and their family relationships, especially important for the diagnosis or treatment of minors. Control all documentation from one place.

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  • Manage your clinic appointments

Manage medical appointments better

With Nubimed, patients can easily request medical appointments online. This will help you streamline the scheduling processes in the secretariat.

Modify appointments, send SMS notifications or integrate our appointment management software with Google Calendar. In this way, medical professionals can be informed of the assigned tasks.

Create recurring appointments for your health clinic patients. Manage tasks efficiently and improve the productivity of your medical clinic.

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Usa la agenda de citas como nunca
  • Take advantage of telemedicine

Offers consultations by videoconference

Telemedicine is a reality in many health clinics. Helps respond to primary care inquiries or make early diagnoses, avoiding travel.

Streamline your health clinic processes and avoid queues with a video call medical consultation service. It allows patients to request a medical appointment by videoconference or in person, and that the medical professional is informed of it.

Improve the productivity of your clinic or reach more patients thanks to the possibilities that the Internet opens up. Make free first video calls and use this option to attract people with medical needs.

  • Save more time

Automate routine processes

Make invoices and prepare estimates quickly and easily. Automate tasks that take up a lot of time and prevent you from dedicating it to the management of your health clinic.

Reduce routine processes that weigh down your employees’ productivity. Manage accounting, treasury, billing, and secretarial work through specialized medical software.

Optimize internal processes so that your medical clinic can function in an agile and efficient way. Automation translates into greater patient satisfaction and greater benefits for your clinic.

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Automatiza las tareas repetitivas
  • Reduce the use of paper

Allows you to digitally sign documents

In the day-to-day life of a medical clinic, it is necessary to sign different documents. One of them is informed consent. Allow your patients to sign this document with a biometric electronic signature and save time and paper costs.

Using the electronic signature allows you to advance in the digitization of your health clinic. It helps you to have greater legal guarantees in the event of a legal dispute. It is also key to streamline the administrative procedures of your medical clinic.

In this way, it optimizes internal processes and stores all signed documentation in the cloud, so that you can consult it when you need it.

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What our clients say

«The most complete»

It is the most comprehensive clinic management program I have ever had. They are also open to new suggestions that they then incorporate into the program and solve any doubts that arise instantly. 100% recommendable.

Dr. Pascual Martinez
Torrente (Valencia)

«Everything in the cloud»

We are delighted with this dental clinic management program, since 2015 we have been working with them and they have not stopped including new functionalities or improving and making the interface more intuitive. The best, all in the cloud and you don’t worry about maintaining a server in the clinic.

Dr. Juan Luis Olmo

«The best decision»

The program is great, I have worked in many dental clinics and in ours we decided to bet on Nubimed on the recommendation of a fellow dentist and I think it was the best decision. Great treatment, very intuitive the program.

Dra. Blanca González
Artodontic (Córdoba)

«The best program!»

It is the best clinic management program we have ever worked with. All our Doctors are delighted

Martín Malave
Clínica Dental Europolis (Madrid)

«Great professionalism»

Great professionalism and efficiency. Delighted with the service and the program.

Dra. Esther Caballé
Clínica Podológica Caballé (Barcelona)

«Enchanted is little»

Enchanted is little, easy and super intuitive program. We could not be happier. Any doubt they solve it quickly. Affordable price

Alba Carrón
Clínica Dental Life (Madrid)
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